… gain access to all our applications and data, know-how in implementing & maintaining, sales & marketing materials …


  • Employees training and certification to deploy, maintain and sell our products.
  • Certification for maintaining and implementing H&D info products for end users.
  • Help-desk support, access to implementation and educational materials.
  • The right to use H&D info’s marketing and sales materials.
  • Publication of your company’s info on our website and our marketing materials.


Training courses are held in the premises of H&D info, Zagreb, Zavrtnica 17 for a period of 4 hours per 15 days (10:00-15:00h). Certification is obtained upon successful completion of the course.

Training courses will be held upon participant request when at least 10 participants apply, and will be organized in 15 consecutive working days from the scheduled start of the course.

Participants registration is done by sending an e-mail to:, after which all candidates will be provided with the necessary info and course prices.


  • At least 3 people with H&D info’s certification for deployment of our products.
  • At least 3 successful references in the last three years in the implementation of IT systems in areas that support H&D info.
  • Experience in business process management and project management.
  • At least 3 certified persons to manage application servers (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle).