Complete IT Solutions

We deliver comprehensive project-based solutions to questions regarding information technology and communication systems, from IT and network infrastructure to application solutions, as well as complex geographically distributed systems since 2006.

IT System Implementation, Maintenance & Management

One of the trends of the rapidly growing IT industries is for the large companies and organizations to opt for selective outsourcing to external service providers and focus on their primary business activities. The main advantages of outsourcing, apart from being able to focus on their basic activities, are significant staff cost reductions, reducing the risks and improving the quality of IT system management. We are focused on: server and network infrastructure management, infrastructure monitoring, on-site service/help desk support, remote assistance … overall – implementation and maintenance of the entire IT system based on ISO/IEC 27000 family and industrial security standards. This service covers the implementation, active monitoring of IT infrastructure and providing solutions for detected problems so as to avoid the risk of losing any of the system functions to the maximum extent possible. Apart from system functionality maintenance, the service includes carrying out routine administrative tasks on user demand. Our systems experts provides to customers, consulting services from selection of the most acceptable solution, delivery of solution, and the service of implementation and all types of technical and systems support.

Custom Software Development, Web Development & Graphic Design

Few steps are involved in this process, beginning with understanding what is needed from software, developing a plan for creating it, writing the code and testing prior to launch. Our software developers can create new software based on your overall plan, and if you are in need of changes to your established application, we are more than willing to take a look!
In our development department, we also produce stunning mobile applications, whether we are talking about Android or iOS platform. Our development team is always up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry.
Bringing it all up and running, our DevOps team utilizes best practices in automated building and testing, continuous integration, and monitoring the entire development process.
hdIT team can develop your website whether you are looking for a robust portal, web design, development upgrades or maintenance. We develop websites on demand of any complexity for companies across industries. We create modern websites that look fresh, we write clean code and make sure the final product meets it’s objectives. Complete web service includes consultation, UX & UI design, development, system integration, hosting and support.

AR, VR & Mixed Reality Development

Augmented reality is the blending of interactive digital elements into our real-world environments. This technology applies to different verticals – powerful marketing presentation tool, entertainment, design, architecture, education and navigation.
Virtual reality gives the user the opportunity to dive into a computerized surrounding that simulates the reality through the use of interactive devices that send and receive information and are being worn like glasses, earphones, gloves or suits. We deliver complex VR solutions presented through virtual reality devices and smartphone devices. VR application production includes capturing 360 videos using different kind of cameras, with drone flights, virtual panoramas and creating virtual walks and 3D animations.
We’re also building mixed reality apps, using Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft HoloLens is the most powerful holographic computer in the world that puts users to the center of the mixed reality experience, projects 3D objects and images and enables the user to interact with them. HoloLens places holograms into the real world environment so you can see, hear and interact with them all around you. It is controlled via hand gestures or voice commands. Usage of HoloLens is absolutely fascinating and can be used in almost every industry.

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